Meditation Group

Our Meditation Group meets each Wednesday mornings from 8.30am to 9.00am at St Martin’s Kahibah.

What do we do?   

On arrival a candle is lit, we sit quietly while some gentle music settles us.  Meditators are encouraged to relax, making sure there is no tension in their bodies working from their heads to their toes, leaving behind as much as possible – thoughts of getting too meditation and plans for the day ahead.

A spiritually uplifting reading of seven or eight minutes is read.

We then sit comfortably while our meditation guide taking us through a relaxed but aware state of mind allowing our mantra to rise within us to help us become still and as free as possible of roaming thoughts so we can BE in God’s presence in our heart prayer place, God’s dwelling place within each of us.  If thoughts come we ignore them and return gently to our mantra.

The fruits of meditation are not in our meditation time itself, but in the way we live our lives, with understanding, compassion and love for others we meet in our day.   Our meditation time allows us to move out from our self- absorption to being aware of the other. Living in God’s presence day by day.

Please join us if you would like to learn the art of stillness or explore meditation practices.  For more information our contact number is 0415 804 035 or email us using the Form below.

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